HELP! My Garage Door Is Broken

Garage Door Repair Company  First of all, be very careful and cautious. Do not push the door opener button or pull the emergency release cord until you determine what the problem is. Make a visual inspection of the garage door. Is the garage door off track and hanging in the opening with more than 2 rollers popped out? (like the door in the picture) Stay back and call a professional right away. This could be a very dangerous situation if the garage door comes off track and collapses. If you must do something for safety reasons. Possibly, if the door is open high enough and you have a truck with a lumber rack. You can pull the truck under the door so if the door falls it will fall on the truck rack. If No. Get some rope. About 4 pieces maybe 6-8 ft. long. Approach the door from the sides of the track. Never get under a hanging garage door about to fall. Start with the side that is off track most. (possibly the top corner of the door) Find a solid spot on the door you can wrap the rope around, like the top fixture. Then find a location in the garage to tie the other end of the rope to. Like the back hangs of the door or a secure spot on the rafters, or even the horizontal track itself. Then do the same on the other side top corner. Then find 2 more locations to do the same. Now you have just made the situation a little bit safer. When the garage door technician arrives, he will be able to safely close the door, reset the system and quote the damage and repair cost. For residents of San Francisco Bay Area & Marin County Ca. Call GS Overhead Systems @ 415-883-3992 for Emergency garage door repair services.

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